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Published: 26th September 2018

Fusing practicality with interior design, kitchen splashbacks are the perfect way to spruce up your kitchen space! As well as preventing cooking spills, water splashes and stains from ruining your walls. There are numerous styles and colours to choose from, meaning you can even make this feature of the décor a real statement piece. Along with worktops, splashbacks are often one of the key elements noticed in a kitchen, so there’s plenty of opportunity to make them count. Here are some ideas on how to use them creatively to brighten up your kitchen.

Choose a bright colour

Bright and bold colours are an instant way to make a statement – particularly if the rest of the room is kept simple and more muted. Playing around with colour when it comes to interior design can be daunting, but that’s what makes splashbacks such a fun way to experiment. Acrylic splashbacks are particularly great for this effect as the vivid tones really show through and the glossy surface gives a contemporary edge. It’s a good idea to get samples to compare against the rest of your kitchen, rather than relying on what you see online or in the showroom. This is just because the colours may appear differently in your home.

Go geometric

DIY enthusiasts who are up for a challenge could purchase smaller sections of different coloured acrylic to build a geometric pattern on your wall. When sealed with a suitable sealant or lacquer, it can be cleaned just as easily as traditional options and it will give a striking effect to any room. Alternatively, if you want to avoid piecing acrylic shapes together in a geometric jigsaw, you could use swatches of patterned fabric or wallpaper and sandwich them between two sheets of clear Perspex, which can be fixed to the wall as normal to help keep the effect without letting moisture in. If you’re looking for something a bit different from the standard splashback, this is a fun option.

Keep it simple

If you want something more understated but just as practical, clear or frosted Perspex splashbacks provide a contemporary yet minimalistic style to your kitchen. They’re easy to keep clean while still looking modern. It can be purchased in glass-effect style as well, for all the appearance of real green-tinted glass without the risk of it shattering or breaking, or the weight associated with glass.