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Aluminum Composite Sheet

Aluminium composite panel has a polyethylene core sandwiched by aluminium layers on either side producing a versatile sheet material with a great aesthetic. It is often referred to as Alupanel® and Dibond® both of which are in fact manufactures brand names for aluminium composite panel.

Key features:

• Lightweight
• High stiffness and dimensional stability
• Easy to work with/fabricate
• Simple to cut, router fold and bend
• High resistance to weather and corrosion
• Low thermal expansion
• Suitable for both screen printing and direct-to substrate digital printing
• Recyclable
• Economical

Typical applications:

• Signage
• Retail display
• Exhibition stands and displays
• Shop fitting
• Interior design
• Furniture
• Point of sale
• Point of purchase
• Partioning, wall linings and suspended ceilings

Working with aluminium composite sheet:


Aluminium composite panel is best cut with a power saw with blades that have alternative teeth bevelled. Jigsaws, band saws and fret saws are all suitable.

Aluminum can also be cut with a guillotine but it’s only recommended to do so of thickness or 3mm and under.

Drilling holes

Drilling holes is trouble free. Use power tools with HSS tool bits to get a good, clean finish.


If cleaning is required before fabrication or print, use a light rubbing alcohol. Once installed Aluminium panel is easily cleaned with water and detergent.