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Diamond & Flame polishing

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When a plastic or acrylic sheet is sawn or cut with a router, the edges can be left with visible markings. In addition, these edges will also have a matte finish. As the name suggests, edge polishing is a fabrication process that polishes these edges, removes any cutting marks, and achieves a smooth, glossy finish. Polishing the edges of a transparent acrylic panel leaves the edges crystal clear.

We offer Diamond Polishing, Flame Polishing and Buffing Mop fabrication services, all of which are designed to deliver different results, depending on the desired finish and the material in question.

Why choose us?

With over 30 years’ experience working with plastic products and materials, we have the knowledge and the know-how to deliver all your requirements – on time and on budget. As a leading stockist of plastic and acrylic sheeting, we have material options to suit a wide range of projects. Perspex sheets are available in many different colours and finishes including clear, coloured, cast, extruded and mirrored. Polycarbonate sheets are available in many different finishes including clear, opal and prismatic. Alternatively, if you prefer to provide your own material, we even offer a free issue service.

Renowned for their power and precision, our market-leading Bermaq AM-1 and Bermaq Am-2 Diamond Polishers are designed to polish multiple acrylic panels at a time, allowing us to accommodate large jobs within a fast turnaround time. These machines work by running a diamond-tipped polishing wheel along the edge of the material provided, to leave a brighter edge with increased optical clarity. They are designed to polish straight edges only.

By contrast, a flame polisher can polish around a curve. These machines produce a gas-powered flame from a hand-held torch which, when run along the edge of acrylic, briefly melts the surface, thereby removing any saw and machining marks to leave a clean, glossy finish. For thick acrylic blocks, we would use a spinning buffing mop in conjunction with a polishing compound, to create a perfect polish and optimum clarity.

Our team of technicians and operatives are highly skilled and share a wealth of expertise. We have a proven ability to offer a wide range of competitive solutions for both businesses and individual customers. Our edge polishing optimisation tools ensure that each job is completed efficiently, in terms of material used and time taken. Whatever your requirements – basic or complex – you can rely on us for quality, value and complete job satisfaction.

We strive to make our edge polishing service as flexible and as versatile as possible. Importantly, our multiple machine set-up allows us to offer long runs, short runs, and prototypes. Our experienced edge polishing technicians are always happy to offer advice and make appropriate recommendations.

We pride ourselves on our versatility and flexibility. We can accommodate long runs, short runs, one-offs and prototypes. As we are not restricted to set standard sizing, we can cut plastics to any size and shape required. Take a look at our easy to follow production guide video and you’ll see how experienced we really are!

Typical applications

Industries we serve

Simply Plastics supply plastic materials and offer fabrication services to companies across many industries. From Sign makers and Shopfitters to Universities and Lighting manufacturers, we are here to help. 


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