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Rotary & Laser Engraving

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Laser engraving is a fabrication process that uses a laser beam to physically remove the surface of a material to create an indentation that is noticeable to both the eye and touch. The process achieves this by creating high levels of heat, which essentially cause targeted sections of the material to vaporise.

Our powerful laser engraving machine allows us to engrave very fine detail at impressively high speeds. If required, the indentation achieved can even be colour-filled for contrast. While we specialise in laser engraving acrylics and laminated plastics, we can also laser engrave glass, wood, leather, cork, stone and certain metals.

Why choose us?

With over 30 years’ experience working with plastic products and materials, we have the knowledge and the know-how to deliver all your requirements – on time and on budget. As a leading stockist of plastic and acrylic sheeting, we have material options to suit a wide range of projects. Perspex sheets are available in many different colours and finishes including clear, coloured, cast, extruded and mirrored. Polycarbonate sheets are available in many different finishes including clear, opal and prismatic. Alternatively, we are happy to engrave customers’ personal items and/or materials.

Our team of technicians and operatives are highly skilled and share a wealth of expertise. We have a proven ability to offer a wide range of competitive solutions for both businesses and individual customers. Our engraving optimisation tools ensure that each job is completed efficiently, in terms of material used and time taken. Whatever your requirements – basic or complex – you can rely on us for quality, value, and a fast turnaround.

Renowned for its speed and accuracy, we use the market-leading Trotec Speedy 300 for all our laser engraving services. Thanks to its outstanding power stability and fine laser spot, this machine can cut the finest details and achieve a uniform engraving image. It can accommodate a wide range of engravable materials. It can also engrave plastic sheets by removing the top layer at pace, without contact or post-processing, to reveal a contrasting colour underneath.

Our experienced laser engraving technicians are always happy to offer advice, make suitable recommendations, and assist with laser engraving drawings and designs. 

We pride ourselves on our versatility and flexibility. We can accommodate long runs, short runs, one-offs and prototypes. As we are not restricted to set standard sizing, we can cut plastics to any size and shape required. Take a look at our easy to follow production guide video and you'll see how experienced we really are. 

Typical applications

  • Trophies and medals
  • Control panels
  • Electrical sockets and switches
  • Invitations
  • Valve discs
  • Signage
  • Machinery/Plant labels
  • Electrical warning labels
  • Pet name tags
  • Memorial plaques

Industries we serve

Simply Plastics supply plastic materials and offer fabrication services to companies across many industries. From Sign makers and Shopfitters to Universities and Lighting manufacturers, we are here to help. 


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