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Why choose Perspex over any other brand of acrylic?

The Perspex brand has become synonymous with the manufacture of the highest grade acrylic available. It's clear Perspex sheet transmits 92% of all visible light (unmatched by any other manufacturer), is internationally recognised as a safety glazing material meeting the requirements of ANSI Z.97 and BS 6262, offers a ten year weathering guarantee and is manufactured right here in the UK. Perspex also boasts market leading environmental credentials having committed to meeting a detailed set of environmental targets by 2020.

Perspex is also very well known for the wide range of materials and colours it offers which is again unmatched by any other acrylic manufacturer. To the best of our knowledge, we stock and supply the widest range of Perspex colours in the UK including clear cut to size acrylic, high gloss coloured acrylic, frosted, fluorescent, matte effect naturals, metallic, tinted and their latest offering - the sweet pastels range. All of these materials are available cut to size and ready for application.