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We now sell Perspex Sneeze Screens! The Must-Have for Safe Social Distancing

Published on: 26/10/2020

Exciting news - we now have Perspex sneeze screens in stock! With the world trying to recover from months spent in lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become all the more important to make workplaces as safe as possible to reduce transmission of the virus.

Within this guide, we will be taking you through everything you need to know about the importance of using sneeze screens in the workplace. We will answer frequently asked questions and also take you through the three amazing products in our protective range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Sneeze Screen?

Our sneeze screens - also referred to as cough guards or social distancing screens - are acrylic sheets that act as a ‘divide’ between employees and/or customers. As the most common cause of virus transmission is due to droplets generated from the nose or mouth, these screens help to prevent the droplets from reaching someone else.

Do Sneeze Screens Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus?

As mentioned previously, COVID-19 spreads through droplets generated via sneezing or coughing. If an infected person sneezes or coughs and you come into contact with these droplets, you’re immediately at a very high risk of catching the virus. Installing sneeze screens into public places will help to prevent these infected droplets from reaching you/someone else. When you combine frequent handwashing and regular sanitising alongside the use of sneeze screens, you effectively help to reduce the risk of infection.

Where Should Sneeze Screens Be Used?

Sneeze screens should be used in any public place that involves talking/being in close contact with other people. This includes:

  • Offices (between desks)
  • Restaurants (between tables)
  • Supermarkets and other shops (at the checkouts)
  • Salons (at reception and between clients)
  • Schools, colleges and universities (preferably between students in classrooms)
  • Receptions and waiting rooms

As you can see, the majority of public spaces should install sneeze screens to help tackle this global pandemic.

The Benefits Of Using Sneeze Screens

Social distancing screens bring a whole lot of benefits to light, making it obvious just how important they are to install as soon as possible. Read on to discover just a handful of the many amazing benefits that our sneeze screens have:

Hygienic: Sneeze screens prevent infected droplets from reaching someone else - contributing to a safer workplace for all.

Easy To Clean: Our screens are made from acrylic; an incredibly durable material that is super easy to clean. Simply wipe them down with an IPA cleaner and microfibre cloth and they’ll be as good as new in no time.

Easy To Install: Due to being made from acrylic, our sneeze screens are easy to move around and install (no matter what workspace they are in). Depending on the sneeze screen you choose, it will either have a stable stand or hanging mechanism to tailor to any workplace.

Affordable: Our sneeze screens are incredibly affordable, making them a suitable choice for businesses that need to buy screens in bulk.

Simply Plastics Sneeze Screens

What Types Of Sneeze Screens Are Available?

Here at Simply Plastics, we have four types of sneeze screens to choose from:

  • Free-standing Perspex sneeze screen
  • Premium Perspex sneeze guard
  • Perspex hanging sneeze guard
  • Perspex Desk Sneeze guard

Free-Standing Perspex Sneeze Screen: Our free-standing Perspex sneeze screen is an affordable option for all types of public places (particularly offices and shops).

You can choose whether to have a hatch cut into the design - these hatches are recommended for shops when goods need to be passed between people.

The great thing about our free-standing sneeze screens is that they are really easy to install. No tools are required - simply slot the screen and supporting feet together to set it up.

Premium Perspex Sneeze Guard: Our premium Perspex sneeze guard is made from 6mm thick acrylic and is supported by stainless steel feet for a more aesthetically pleasing touch. These feet can be screwed onto desks or workspaces for extra stability.

Once again, you have the option for a hatch to be cut in your premium Perspex screen guard.

Perspex Hanging Sneeze Guard: Our most affordable social distancing screen is the Perspex hanging sneeze guard. Hanging guards are perfect for public spaces that need to be efficient with their space.

Our hanging guards have two strong mounting options: either choose a solid ceiling mount or suspended ceiling mount (the latter is suitable for buildings with higher ceilings).

All of our screens carry all of the amazing benefits mentioned earlier in this guide.

How To Purchase Your Sneeze Screens

Our sneeze screens are now available to purchase and can be cut to your exact dimensions to ensure easy installation.