We have excellent stock levels of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm in both Clear Acrylic & Clear Polycarbonate. Express delivery now available.

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The thickness of the material listed in mm.
The length of the required material, stated in mm. PLEASE NOTE: We only cut material in mm, so please ensure any conversion from inches to millimeters is correct.
The width of the required material, stated in mm. PLEASE NOTE: We only cut material in mm, so please ensure any conversion from inches to millimeters is correct.
The radius for each corner.
Should the sides i.e. the cut edges be polished?
Choose the number and positions of the holes you require.

From £0.91 inc VAT


Perspex Price Promise Found a cheaper price? Call us on 01206638056 to see if we can beat it!

9 x 6" (Diamond polished edges)

Thickness: 25mm

Length: 229mm

Width: 152mm

Radius: None

Polished: Yes

£31.63 inc VAT

6 x 4" (Diamond polished edges)

Thickness: 25mm

Length: 152mm

Width: 102mm

Radius: None

Polished: Yes

£16.30 inc VAT

8 x 6" (Diamond polished edges)

Thickness: 25mm

Length: 203mm

Width: 152mm

Radius: None

Polished: Yes

£28.49 inc VAT

A4 (5mm)

Thickness: 5mm

Length: 210mm

Width: 297mm

Radius: None

Polished: No

£6.91 inc VAT

A4 (3mm)

Thickness: 3mm

Length: 210mm

Width: 297mm

Radius: None

Polished: No

£4.15 inc VAT

(3mm) Sample

Thickness: 3mm

Length: 100mm

Width: 100mm

Radius: None

Polished: Yes

£1.76 inc VAT

(5mm) Sample

Thickness: 5mm

Length: 100mm

Width: 100mm

Radius: None

Polished: Yes

£2.41 inc VAT

(8mm) Sample

Thickness: 8mm

Length: 100mm

Width: 100mm

Radius: None

Polished: Yes

£3.50 inc VAT

(10mm) Sample

Thickness: 10mm

Length: 100mm

Width: 100mm

Radius: None

Polished: Yes

£4.33 inc VAT

(12mm) Sample

Thickness: 12mm

Length: 100mm

Width: 100mm

Radius: None

Polished: Yes

£5.21 inc VAT

Clear cast acrylic, also commonly referred to as Perspex Sheet, is a high quality and versatile clear plastic sheet material offering high levels of strength and clarity. Suitable for many applications, cast acrylic sheet is an easy material to work with.

Key features:

  • Excellent optical clarity
  • High gloss finish
  • Hard wearing
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to work with/fabricate
  • Lightweight

Typical applications:

  • Glazing
  • Signage
  • Furniture
  • Model fabrication and display
  • Retail display
  • Point of sale
  • Point of purchase

Detailed description:

Optical clarity

Clear cast acrylic has an exceptionally high level of light transmission allowing 92% of all visible light through the material creating an unparalleled crystal clear finish. Not even glass can achieve this level of optical clarity. Because of this clear cast acrylic is an excellent alternative to glass for glazing purposes.

Hard wearing

Cast acrylic is one of the hardest thermoplastic sheet materials available and its attractive aesthetics remain for longer than other plastic sheet materials.

Light weight

While offering higher levels of clarity than glass, clear cast acrylic weighs half as much as an equivalent glass panel making fabrication, installation and transportation a far more attractive proposition.

High gloss finish and easy to clean

Its high gloss finish is not only very attractive but also more practically very easy to clean.

Weather resistant

With excellent resistance to the elements, cast acrylic performs well outside. No significant changes in appearance are expected over 10 years.

Manufacturing process 

Cast acrylic is manufactured by pouring monomer between two sheets of high quality glass and polymerised in batches in a carefully controlled manufacturing process.


Cast acrylic can be recycled all the way back to its original raw material, the monomer.

Maximum sheet size3050mm x 2030mm
Available thicknesses1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
Light transmission 92%
Fire ratingUK class 3 fire rating
Manufacturers thickness tolerance+/- 10 % plus 0.4mm (e.g. 5mm cast sheet could vary from 4.1mm to 5.9mm)
Cutting tolerance+/- 1mm
Colour ref codeClear 000

We currently deliver to the UK and throughout Europe. Delivery charges are calculated based on the longest side of the material ordered. Only one delivery charge is applicable per order regardless of how many items are ordered.

Longest side Orders under £150 (inc VAT) Orders over £150 (inc VAT) Express Delivery
Samples £2.95 FREE £9.95
Sneeze Guards (All sizes) £9.95 FREE £29.95
Less than 500mm £4.95 FREE £29.95
500mm to 1199mm £7.95 FREE £29.95
1200mm to 1999mm £9.95 FREE £29.95
2000mm or greater £14.95 FREE £29.95

Europe (7-10 working days) - PLEASE NOTE: Due to the coronavius (COVID-19) situation, we are no longer offering delivery outside of the UK.

Delivery guidelines
We process and dispatch all orders as quickly as possible, however due to the increased demand created by the Coronavirus pandemic we have been forced to extend our delivery guidelines as per below:

  • Standard delivery (5-7 working days)
  • Express delivery (2-4 working days)

Express Delivery
If you require faster delivery you may wish to consider choosing our Express Delivery option at the checkout. Express Delivery orders will be prioritised and will be delivered using a recognised nationwide courier.

Next Day Delivery
Next Day delivery is not available via our website due to the quantity of orders we receive on a daily basis. However, if you need to place an order and require Next Day delivery please contact us – we will make every effort to meet your requirements and deadlines.

Collection is available from our location in Colchester, Essex (see full address). When placing an order on our website there is an option on the final stage of the checkout for Collection/pickup. Once your order is ready for collection you will be notified via email.

Due to the nature of the ”made to measure” products we supply, we provide delivery prices at a standard rate and reserve the right to cancel an order should it become economically unviable to fulfil the order. In these rare circumstances the customer will be contacted first to discuss alternative options.

When delivering to some delivery locations we can incur increased shipping costs, if this is likely to happen the customer will be contacted to discuss any possible extra delivery charges required.

Examples of delivery locations which may require additional delivery charges are,

  • Channel Islands
  • Scottish Islands
  • Isle of Man
  • Isles of Scilly
  • Remote areas
  • Northern Ireland

If you require delivery to one of these areas please get in touch to discuss your order.

You may also wish to read more detailed information regarding our terms and conditions in relation to delivery.

Is there any difference between acrylic and Perspex?

Acrylic (chemical name Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)) is commonly referred to as Perspex, however Perspex is just a brand name. Other brands include Plexiglass, Acryglas, Acrycast, Policril, Quinn, and Plazit.

How should I clean acrylic sheet?

Acrylic should not be cleaned using chemical cleaners because they can cause damage to the acrylic. We recommend cleaning acrylic sheet with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. There are various acrylic cleaners and polishers available which we can provide that keep acrylic looking like brand new.

Is it possible to cut acrylic sheet myself?

Acrylic sheet can be cut using a circular saw, a jigsaw or any type of saw with a fine tooth blade. We recommend laying the acrylic flat on a firm surface, such as a workbench, and clamping it down before cutting. If you are using clamps to hold the material down, we suggest placing wood between the clamps and acrylic sheet to prevent any damage to the surface of the acrylic. Manufacturer safety precautions should always be followed when using any type of saw. Please read our "how to cut acrylic sheets" blog post for more detailed information.

Will I be notified when my order is out for delivery?

Yes. Simply Plastics will send you an email when your order has been dispatched. If your shipment is trackable the email will contain tracking details and a link to the delivery couriers website, where you can track the progress of the shipment.

I need my order urgently, can I pay for faster shipping?

Yes. We offer an express delivery service which aims to deliver all orders in 1-3 working days. Orders are delivered by a recognised courier company and may require a signature on delivery.

Can I collect my order from Simply Plastics?

Yes, of course. At the final stage of the checkout process there is a delivery option labelled "Collection/pickup" which is free. When your order is ready for collection you will receive an email to notify you, which includes our opening times and address.

Collection -example

Can Simply Plastics help me with a fabrication project?

Yes we can. Customised, cut-to-size materials can be ordered directly through the website, but if you require further fabrication we can help you with this too.

Our fabrication services include,

  • CNC routing
  • Bending
  • Shaping
  • Bonding/glueing
  • Diamond polishing
  • Flame polishing
  • Intricate laser cutting

Examples of fabricated products include,

  • Acrylic display cases
  • Point of sale 
  • Retail display
  • Lighting applications
  • Brochure holders
  • 2D/3D Acrylic lettering
  • Furniture
  • Office Interiors

For enquiries regarding any project from prototypes to large production runs, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

I replace an acrylic pane in top section of a door. Great service and top quality product. I will recommend. Thank you.

Accurately cut and nicely clear. It arrived very well packaged and free from damage. The protective film on both sides simplifies the handling process during fabrication.

Shelf to replace glass, perfect.

Ordered three times ! Great all around . Could not have been more impressed with what I was sent . Totally understand why they are so overwhelmed with orders . Well done all concerned !

I used the product to provide a decorative support For our new shower attachments . Exactly what I needed for the job Supplied promptly and accurately.

During Lockdown I built a Victorian Greenhouse using 4mm clear Acrylic sheets, all of the individual sheets were cut exactly to my requirement and well packed. Given the Covid Pandemic with its inevitable cost increase (every shop and counter in Europe suddenly needed Acrylic screens) the price was still comparable to Glass. I have since built a play house and again used Acrylic sheeting, very strong and durable. It will cut on a table saw and drill easily but the company will do this for you if required, all in all a good product and brilliant service.

Ordered three times ! Great all around . Could not have been more impressed with what I was sent . Totally understand why they are so overwhelmed with orders . Well done all concerned !

I bought this acrylic pieces to protect some tablets. They are perfect. Excellent quality. Fast delivery. I highly recommend this company. I'm a happy costumer.

Excellent product, very good service

Excellent product. For for purpose, and delivered in a timely manner. Would buy again - and indeed I have for another project!

Excellent product used for secondary double glazing. Cut exactly to size as ordered, well packaged and fast delivery. Would certainly buy again.

Desk separator ordered and arrived in good time. Product perfectly as described.

Used for secondary glazing on a glass panel above the front door. This has a ventilator to provide fresh air for an open flue warm air heater. The acrylic panel is half the width of the glass panel and fitted in front of the ventilator. The air flow is now deflected between the two panels and exits at the far end of the panel, thus avoiding a direct draught but still providing a source of fresh air for the heater. Looks a lot better than the sheet of cardboard it replaces! The panel was well packed, unmarked and arrived on time.

Used on an out building very good product easy to work with delivered on time got no complaints

I was asked to make a sneeze screen for a friend and they wanted a specific size and not too thick. The acrylic sheet arrived fully protected by the packing and I fitted it to a wooden frame that I had already made. My friend was very happy with the finished product. Thanks

I wanted these to protect the top of bedside cabinets instead of glass and they were perfect. I was able to order exact size I needed and request the exact curve for the corners. They arrived in good time and were well packaged and protected. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use again . . .

Good product did as described. Value for money

Very good product fantastic service highly recommended

Used the glass as a replacement for my sons outdoor playhouse. The postage and packaging was nicely done. I would happily use simply plastics again and it's far cheaper than using the usual high street DIY stores

This was used as a sneeze screen around my desk to protect me from Covid.This is brilliant and has also stopped staff from dumping stuff on my desk. Love it.

This small piece of acrylic was used to replace a shed window and was ideal for the job. The sheet was cut precisely to the dimensions required and I would use the company again if needed.

Couldn’t have ask for anything more, perfect for our sitting area, keeping out the wind and the rain. Would certainly use this company again, and highly recommend them to others.

Used the screen for a gerbil habitat. It arrived in perfect condition and cut exactly to size

Perspex sheet is for a menu board that can be updated and wiped - so much better than a black board. Material and finishing was perfect and delivery et al spot on. Highly recommended.

I was looking for clear plastic sheet for use as a key part of a “learning glass” for use in schools. Normally low iron glass would be used but this is too heavy for school use. Clear acrylic with no scratches and with polished edges is a good alternative and simply plastics offer a good range of sizes at a good price and quick delivery. Overall very happy with the service they provide.

I used the Acrylic sheet to replace the glass in a greenhouse. The Acrylic was crystal clear and well protected with film on both sides. The dimensions I asked for were exact. I used 4mm for the roof and 3mm for the sides

The quality is strong and smooth when they delivered it.

Great service product made perfectly to size.

I have a basket-weave low bench which I wanted to turn into a coffee table for outdoors use, so I measured it and ordered a sheet of acrylic with rounded corners and polished edges. Simplyplastics turned the order around in a few days, and the sheet arrived very well packaged and covered in protective film. It was a perfect fit, and held in place with some clear 2-sided "gummy" tape it looks like it was always meant to be a coffee table. Full marks.

Good quality product used for door of summerhouse

Supreme quality, Child robust friendly, and unbelievably great value...will be ordering again.... great communication and A* delivery and packaging......

Good quality although it took longer to arrive than I anticipated


I needed plastic guards for a chinchilla cage. Should of got a extra hole drilled in the middle but they do the job. Easy to order and arrived on time. Highly recommended.

I used this to protect the top of a cupboard I had painted from scratching with the TV on it - absolutely perfect fit, made to measure. Arrived promptly and very sturdy - just what I was looking for. Thank you - I'm going to order another for my dressing table to stop it getting scratched. Couldn't be happier and worth every penny!

This was to use in my shed just the job cut to perfect size.

The acrylic A3 sheet was good for my use as cover for my fine art photography. Yes I would recommend it and re use the company .

Used to protect 4 windows of summer house from weather where the putty was dodgy. Quality was excellent, perfect measurements, and fitted in minutes. Would recommend to anyone, going to get some more for the other windows!!

Two large sheets of this at 4mm were supplied quickly and exactly to measurements. The re have been used to renew existing faded sheets in two village notice boards. We are all delighted. Thank you.

Used the product to replace a missing shelf in my display cabinet. Item arrived on time in pristine condition. Easy to use website and very competitively priced. Would thoroughly recommend 👌

The product is good but I ordered the wrong size so I didn’t use it for anything

Excellent product. Crystal clear. Bought to bring enclosure to my garden harbour. Perfect. Great delivery speed and efficiency.

I used the acrylic sheet to protect the base of my garden shed where when heavy downpours of rain caused splash backs onto the wood . The measures and holes drilled all came correct

I used it to protect a table top from scratches and spills and I think the clear cast acrylic is great. It just looks like a beautiful piece of glass on the top of my table. Visitors think it’s a great idea. :-)

I used the acrylic sheet to protect the base of my garden shed where when heavy downpours of rain caused splash backs onto the wood . The measures and holes drilled all came correct

A very good Service

I bought a piece of clear acrylic to replace a broken window in my garage. Fits perfectly. Pre drilled holes made the job really easy. Super fast delivery.

Very pleased with the product. Used to replace a broken window in a shed.

Great does exactly what I needed and a really simple process to ordering. thanks

A very good Service

A very good Service

Hi. As a returning customer, I got these cut to size and used these as 'Anti Sneeze Panels' within a Commercial Premise where 'Sample Foods' were being baked on site for potential clients to taste and where Sales Staff were operating within the offices elsewhere. Very happy with the accuracy of the cutting and the delivery service. Well done Simply Plastics.

The sheets arrived beautifully packed, sized correctly and HEAVY. After I built the greenhouse frame I decided to use 3mm acrylic sheet rather than glass because I thought it would be easier to fix to wood (and it was ). I fixed it to the outside of the frame by drilling 6 holes in each sheet and spaced it with 20mm tap washers between the sheet and the frame and bonded steel/rubber conical roofing washers on the outside. Drilling the acrylic was easier than I thought it would be but I would recommend you do the following - always drill a pilot hole first - always support the underside of the sheet directly under the drilling point (I used a timber offcut) - don't drill too close to the corners - start drilling slowly using light pressure and start with fresh drill bits. Don't forget that the green protective layer should stay on until you've finished and that side should be on the outside.


Used the sheets to replace clouded up windows on my summerhouse. Very pleased with their clarity and overall quality

l used the plastic discs and oblong's to make hanging Mosaic ornaments for the garden. the 4mm plastic is ideal for these. The service and delivery are very good.

I purchased this acrylic for engraving to make LED lights. Product is perfect for what I bought it for and I would recommend it

The two clear cast acrylic sheets. Were to replace the two door windows in my shed. The sizes were correct and delivered on time. 5 out of 5.

Used the product to isolate reception desk from waiting area. Cut perfectly to the measurements I provided and was well wrapped and protected for delivery.

Used this Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet to replace broken glass in a greenhouse. I was really amazed at how clear and strong it was - it's almost like there's nothing there. Terrific product & I'd recommend Simply Plastics!

Used for playhouse windows , really good quality, excellent cuts and perfect holes. I’ve had a few windows for a large play house from this company and considering how little extra it is to get custom panes made up and drilled, compared to the mare I’ve had cutting sheets and drilling, I’d highly recommend. Delivered well wrapped and packed , not a scratch .

Bought three sheets of 3mm cut to size for Windows in a new wooden widow frame for the brick shed in the garden. Never used Acrylic before however the end result was excellent. Very clear precision cut sheets fitted perfectly and look like glass with the obvious benefits of not breaking easily. Arrived very well wrapped and in protective film. Great service and product.

Cut to my precise dimensions saving potential fitting hassle. Well polished edges. Extremely well packed and wrapped for transport. Well pleased with speed and quality of service

Product came quick and well packaged to exact size and in pristine condition! Thank you.

I used the product to make windows for my boat good quality product and service would highly recommend.

Product came quick and well packaged to exact size and in pristine condition! Thank you.

I was really pleased with the product, thank you. It was used in a church service for COVID-19 protection and it will used quite regularly from now on. I was very impressed how clear it is and does the job perfectly. Thank you

Used as a replacement shelf in our freezer as the glass one shattered, good fit and sturdy. Thanks again Steve

Patch up existing

I was looking for a specific size and thickness of Acrylic sheet and found it with simplyplastics.com it was delivered quickly and was a perfect fit for my needs I would recommend simplyplastics.com to anyone they provided what I needed in the time frame that suited myself.

Quality is just really good,used it for protection over the counter,so easy to order ,just put measures online and just get the price , couldn’t be easier..

Made a small desk for my son and got some clear plastic to fit the top. The plastic arrived on time and was cut exactly to spec and (as requested) per drilled so fitted perfectly.

Bought to replace broken glass in a picture frame. Fit perfectly and delivered as stated excellent service

We used this to make a new screen between our customers and cashiers at our petrol station, replacing one we had made out of acrylic we already had on site at the start of the lockdown. The clear cast acrylic, though dearer is well worth the extra money it looks just like glass. It was delivered well packaged and on time. Couldn't ask for better.

was used to cover the bottom of my coffee table and it worked perfectly, great quality and I would definitely recommend

I used this to replace glass in a picture frame. Very good quality and just right for the purpose. Very pleased.

The Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets were used as a replacement for glass for our potting shed. The Sheets were quite large and I was a bit apprehensive as to whether they would be too flexible, but they were perfect for the job. Advice sought from Simply Plastics before purchase was much appreciated.

I would recommend this product to anyone, Brilliant stuff, ordered for summerhouse and It's worked out perfict. 3mm thick for doors, And 4mm thick for bigger side panels. Great service aswell.


Can't fault the product or the excellent service, plus the easy to navigate website and ordering process. Many thanks!

Windows in grand. Daughters tree house

Perfect delivery, fit, price and product. Would highly recommend.

Security screen

Used to replace a broken window in greenhouse. Size was perfect and clarity once fitted is excellent. Also packaging ensured it arrived without damage.

Bought this to use as a table top for a wedding table. Very good quality and does the job perfectly. Arrived promptly. I have no complaints.

Used for Covid 19 screens on bar grilles in Club. Material excellent ideal for purpose.

I found this company when looking for a CV19 solution for my pub bar, I was seriously shocked at how expensive the made to measure screens were online. This company made ordering the correct size very easy, offering a couple of different options at a very reasonable price. The products were delivered much faster than the estimated date and are perfect for the job intended. I just wish I could upload a photo to show you how great the product is! I would absolute;ly recommend this company and am intending to use them again for more screens.

I used the Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet in my greenhouse. I am very pleased with the product. Very good quality & very easy to fit. I would definitely buy the same product again.

I teach the piano, and the two upright pianos are next to each other on the same wall. I slid the sheet 1000mm x 1500mm in between the two instruments. (It may help to know that it is portrait not landscape orientation.) It provides Covid19 separation between myself at one piano, and my pupil at the other piano. I was concerned that we might not see the edge of the acrylic sheet, and walk into it, so I left the blue packing strips on the edges of the sheet, and that works perfectly. Thank you for a quick delivery at a very hectic time.

It was used for a window.

Service excellent, arrived promptly. So pleased with acrylic sheet, came exactly as ordered and fits snug behind my key hooks protecting my newly painted wall from any marks. Didn’t opt for screw holes, drilling my own was very easy. Would definitely recommend simply plastics.

I needed a small piece of perspex for a buggy screen. Nice quality and good price. Excellent service. Thanks.

We are very pleased with this product. We have not installed it as yet but it is to be used as a counter screen in a cafe. The quality is excellent With great clarity and was very well packaged. Thank you

Used to make screen around till area in shop. Arrived ok, packaging was adequate, no damage. Having bought the right jig saw blade elsewhere, cutting it was easy. Obviously delivery time was delayed due to Covid19, but came in time for what we wanted. Emailed for info, and got prompt reply - good. Would use them again.

We are very pleased with this product. We have not installed it as yet but it is to be used as a counter screen in a cafe. The quality is excellent With great clarity and was very well packaged. Thank you

Used for Covid screen. Cut to size and finished well. Well packed. No issues at all with the product. Very slow delivery but that's perfectly understandable. Have used the company pre-covid and delivery was very fast.

This acrylic was used to make some safety screens for a hair salon, framed in wood. The acrylic came very well packed plus protective film on both sides. Thank you Simply Plastics.

Used to make Covid-19 screens for my pharmacy. Excellent quality. Crystal clear and very accurately cut. I could not be more pleased!

Screen at a cafe counter, came well packaged and undamaged. A bit of a delay in delivery but hardly surprising considering. Clear information available regarding order status so no problem.

Used for dividing screens for our barber shop for our eventual reopening, arrived quickly, well packaged, fitted well. Excellent service.

Used for PPF screen

Screens to protect employees during Covid-19, great product and excellent quality. Good communication throughout the process as took slightly longer to receive but understandable under the circumstances.

We have used the Perspex screen to protect our staff and customers during the current pandemic. It has enabled us to continue with our business. It has been made to our personal specifications. The screen has proved to be an excellent buy and we are extremely happy with our purchase. It was worth the wait of the slightly extended delivery time, which was understandable in the current crisis. Thank you - we are delighted with your product and your service.

Security screen

Used the sheet to screen off an area of a building. very useful. just the right material. good service. I would recommend Simply Plastics.

Used this product for a screen around the counter in my shop very good quality very pleased

Excellent quality, cut exactly to my dimensions, extremely well packaged, used for a screen on the top of our serve over counter, Covid - 19 Highly recommended company. Regards, Stephen.

Used as sneeze screens in office Fast delivery despite coronavirus pandemic, Top service!

Proper top qaulity product. Going to be using it for various projects.

Great service just a shame I ordered wrong size. So probably be ordering again.

Lovely thank you

Great product to replace shed windows - good price and very efficient and prompt service. Thank you !!

Yes I would recommend it to everyone

Great product. Used for shelving in place of glass. Brilliant and honest communication. Would definitely recommend this company. Thanks.

Used this product to repair a rotten wooden window in a dilapidated summerhouse. Removed the whole window and replaced with large sheet of Perspex. Good, strong product (8mm thick); cut to exact size; very pleased with purchase.

All done online, didn't know what to expect, but the results were much better than i ever expected. Will definitely use again, thank you so much.

Great product used to repair damaged bike shed

Bought this as a table protector and it's perfect for that. Good price and quick delivery too, definitely recommend

I used it as a splash back in front of my mosaic kitchen tiles. The tiles are lovely but there is a lot of white grout between them and the clear acrylic sheet keeps them clean.

Ordered a sheet of 10mm thick acrylic to form a cover sheet over a 75" Samsung HD TV mounted on a wall within a school sports hall & used as a basketball scoreboard and digital display. The sheet was supported by a plywood surround mounted on a plywood backing board, the sheet being slid into slots routed in the plywood supports. It looks superb and protects the TV screen from stray footballs, etc. Be aware that an acrylic sheet this size is heavy - minimum 2 people needed to install it.

Bought it for top off my dining table. Just perfect,would recommend and have done to friends.

I chose the clear acrylic sheet, 3mm in thickness, to use as a table top protector for a large square coffee table. The table itself was just over 1100mm in size and the sheet was cut to perfection and was absolutely spot on for my requirements. It was sent quickly and was extremely well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I will be back for another order - this time to protect the top of a large sideboard.

I used the product to build a HHO generator, I wanted two strong transparent sides so that I could see the gas being produced whilst holding the plates together. It came up to expectations and more.

Exactly what I ordered - perfect size, perfect condition, well packed and delivered on time - thank you

Framing💖😊Perfect and already recommended

Great quality product. Exactly as expected as well as strong!

Received my repeat order, and arrived very quickly, superbly packed, and fitted to greenhouse, no problems.

This product was used as replacement covers for some pub signage we were refurbishing. Sizes were given to Simply Plastics and they delivered on time and all panels were cut to the correct size. Great service.

Bought to replace damaged windscreen on a model car. Good quality product. Very pleased.

Used for over the internal door "borrowed light" window. Perfect for the job, looks just like glass but much easier to work with. Would use again and recommend.

I purchased 8 custom size sheets to use with 2 hifi racks to replace glass shelving. Service was excellent from placing my order to receiving delivery a few days later. The quality is superb and I would not hesitate to use Simply Plastics again. Even received a 10% discount when placing my order which was very much appreciated. I would very highly recommend the company to any potential customers.

double glazing old windows service and product excellent

Used to replace cracked acrylic window in display cabinet. The replacement was better much better quality than the original and an exact fit. Perfect first time experience with this company - very happy customer.

Great service even over Xmas period.

brilliant quality and service

Excellent emergency secondary glazing at low cost. Works every time.

I've used this to make a cold frame come small green house. I've used 4mm thick and its easy to cut with my table saw. It's a great long lasting product. Good service and would buy from again.

I use clear cast acrylic sheet for model display cases, so accurate cutting of the sheets requested is important. SimplyPlastics do a fantastic job. The sheets are cut accurately. Packing is very good and protects the sheets in transit. This company and their products are recommended 100%

The product was used to replace glass in a picture frame,at the request of the care home. Service very good indeed, thankyou.

We used the product for small conservatory and got windows cut to size and looks good just like glass

I need to replace broken glass in the shed and simplyplastics.com was perfect for fitting football resistant windows

I ordered this to replace the broken glass on top of a cheese board. The service was very quick and the sheet was cut to my precise measurements so it fits perfectly.

I would totally recommend the product and very quick and good service.

High quality accurately measured. Postage extremely high.

The product is of a high quality just what I ordered great to deal with from start to finish giving you exactly what you need A*

Construction of display cases. Accurately cut. Would recommend

The perspex came well wrapped and was delivered in good time. The website is easy to use and I really like that you can get an instant quote.

New cover for fish tank.

This is the second time I have bought from simplyplastics. I am in the process of building a cold frame and wanted something that would last a long time. The acrylic sheet is really excellent quality. I bought 5mm and 4mm thick. To be honest the quality was that good I could have got away with just using 4mm thick sheet. I will be buying again as I have two doors with acrylic sheet to make. I would recommend and will be buying again. It came really well packaged with no issues at all. Excellent service.

I ordered 4mm Perspex sheets to enclose the sides of a bike store. The material came cut exactly to size and exactly on time good service

I have used it in the framing of a piece of art I’ve purchaced. It’s ideal, lightweight and crystal clear.

Fast delivery cut to my size very happy with 4mm clear sheets ordered will use you again .

Replacement of missing window, in a smoke evacuation control cabinet door.

I ordered this product to replace the broken glass in a picture frame. The clear acrylic sheet is a perfect substitute for glass, easy and safe to handle, and unbreakable. It is highly recommended.

A shed window

Quality and accuracy of material cut was spot on, delivery safe, packing excellent. My choice of material has proved to be totally wrong however, so its intended use has been changed! It won't be wasted! No fault of Simply's.

Was used to glaze an outside area Was very good quality at a reasonable price Would recommend good service

I needed a piece of acrylic for an area in my home that originally had glass fitted. It was convenient to have it cut to my measurements so that I did not need to do it. The acrylic sheet was a perfect fit and anyone would believe it is glass, as it is so clear and does not distort light in any way. The price was very reasonable and the customer service excellent. I would certainly shop with this Company again, and recommend anyone else to do so.

Perfect. Just what I needed. Perfect fit and replacement for my child’s Wendy house window. Thanks.

used to protect a bedroom dressing table top. working a treat so far.

Replacement of four broken glass panels on back wall of greenhouse. Decided to try acrylic sheet. Three were to exact size, so no problems with these. A fourth had to be cut to a taper shape. This was not as easy as hoped. The material was scored with a craft knife, as suggested, and the excess removed with pliers. All went well until the last cut, when the panel broke into two pieces unexpectedly with very little force applied. (It is useable) Acrylic is less brittle than glass, but clearly still needs to be handled with care. Please to find that the panels came with white protective sheeting. Left this on to reflect back into the interior of the greenhouse some of the light which would otherwise pass straight through and thus be wasted; an unexpected bonus (while it lasts in good condition!) Would buy this material again, and recommend it to others for similar uses.

The sheets where cut precisely measure as I ordered, and I have now a nice showcase. Martin

Shelf for dvd player, etc. under wall mounted TV. Looks great!

Replaced glass panes in our greenhouse, broken in the recent gales. Better than the glass it replaced, the opaque plastic protection covering acts as an excellent sunshield.

For a shed window opening. Arrived quickly and in good order.

The covers over the light fixtures in my fish tank had become worn and discoloured. Replaced them with small pieces of acrylic sheet and it's as good as new!

I used the product for replacement glass for my greenhouse , and am very pleased with it.would recommend this company great service

The acrylic sheet was used to cover the top of a table which has beautiful wood veneers/

I used the product for replacement glass for my greenhouse , and am very pleased with it.would recommend this company great service

Perfect fit as replacement glass in a photo frame. Great service and well packaged on delivery

I used the product to protect the tops of bedroom furniture. Absolute ly fantastic Would highly recommend the product and the firm. Customer service was exceptional, especially when they realised I'd made a stupid ordering error.and questioned it before placing order. Brilliant!

It was used to front a display cabinet and proved to be ideal. very strong and clear. I would certainly recommend others to purchase from simply plastics.

I have used this acrylic sheet to replace a large glass room divider, it has turned out better than I could have imagined, the whole experience from buying to receiving was excellent the product was very good it was the exact size as ordered, well packaged and delivered on time. Thank you.

Used as front for pamphlet holder. Sizes ordered - spot on. Good quality acrylic sheet and fast turnaround. will definitely recommend

This was an excellent quality replacement for some old cracked glass windows in the garage. Would have no hesitation in ordering again. Delivery and packaging were good as well.

To be used in 9 panel garage door. Item cut exactly to my size requirements, of top quality material and arrived reasonably quickly. Needed to cut a particular shape for three panes which was easily achieved with a fine toothed hacksaw.

I used the product on my model railway docks. Fantastic results.

We used the product to replace the original plastic windows in our summerhouse which had gone very yellow. The new sheets are of far better quality cut perfectly to size. we are very pleased with our purchase and would certainly recommend to friends.

Used to replace a broken rattan cube glass top, perfect would highly recommend!

Used in place of glass for my greenhouse. Would certainly recommend the company

perfect fit ideal for window. great service

Excellent replacement for flimsy plastic fridge shelves

the product was used to complete several small models being renovated. Acrylic is the only plastic that I can polish with a clear finish.

Excellent replacement for broken pane in greenhouse, safe for grandchildren.

The item was to replace a pane of glass in a door and was perfect for the job. This is the third time I have purchased bespoke items from Simply Plastics and have been very satisfied on each occasion. Thoroughly recommended.

To provide a transparent backing to a CNC cut graphic for a wedding display

Needed to refurbish a village display board. Excellent quality sheets which arrived cut to size, well packed and in perfect condition

We used 3mm clear acrylic to replace a large sheet of glass (1100x 650) in a print frame that had broken. The product is ideal - lighter, stronger and it looks good. The surface is clear but there is more surface reflection than glass. Very pleased to see the way the product was packaged for delivery.

Used this sheeting to cover a verandah roof. It was straightforward to install, easy to drill for fixing. I would use it again

Used for a splash back on wall. The wall had previously been splashed so much from stacking the dishwasher next to it. I painted the back to match the wall colour and I am so thrilled with the outcome. I am a DIY novice so was completely shocked at how professional it looks! The service was great, the size is exactly what I asked for with a great finish. Took a week to be delivered but I wouldn’t expect anything quicker for this kind of product. Packaged perfectly, no chance of any damage. Would definitely recommend and would use again if the need arose. Thank you

there was a slight issue with the sizing - simply plastics couldn't have been more accommodating, and fixed the issue within a few days - would buy again

Wall protection. Excellent quality Measurements exact Delivery on schedule

Product used to cover my Dad's medals. Product as described, good quality. Very pleased. Thanks

Outside table

I used this product with my class of 8-10 year olds to create a stained glass window depicting the Rainforest which they had designed. This Perspex proved to be an excellent and safe substitute for glass and worked well with the ceramic pens used by the children.

Great product, quick delivery, good price.

Used as a lens cover protective for a sniper sight. Works really well, excellent clarity just like glass. Reasonably easy to work into a circle with mini drill circular cutter and attached between lens and sight cover. Perfect would recommend, much better than anything else on the market. Quick delivery too

I needed to keep herons and cats out of my raised fish pond so thought up of a clear lid as so not to spoil the look. Bought 10mm thick UV resistant sheet with 4x 15mm thick blocks for the corners to raise the lid off the pond for air circulation. Does the job perfectly. Cut perfectly to size, excellent quality and looks amazing. Fast next day delivery and excellent comms. Would definitely use this company again.

Used the product for replacing a glass outdoor coffee table. Really crystal clear. Everyone thinks it’s glass


Sheet ordered as part of a gardening project. Was excellent price and delivered speedily. Good communications with company. No problems from me. Would definitely use again

Purchased a large piece of clear Perspex to cover beautiful original Victorian spindles on a galleried landing that are widely spaced, enabling a small child/baby to fall/climb through. The alternative would have been to replace or add to the spindles which would have been destructive and hugely expensive as they would have had to have been hand turned. I ordered 4mm clear cast acrylic sheet (Perspex), which arrived at the scheduled time, superbly packed in a double layer of very thick sturdy cardboard with both sides covered in a protective peel off plastic film. Both myself and carpenter were impressed. Once installed, the plastic film was removed to reveal the totally clear Perspex in pristine condition. My carpenter and the Perspex have done a superb job, resolving a safety issue in a most discreet way. I would thoroughly recommend Simply Plastics who were also very helpful when I called them for advice prior to ordering. 1st class product and service Thank you.

Four stars - only because I haven’t yet used it for the purpose for which it was bought. But service, cost and efficiency were admirable.

Fine finish surface for concrete worktops

Used to mount battery BMS (battery management systems) to a test rig. Great product, delivered quickly and wrapped well. Perfect for the job.

I ordered this to replace a shed window. Arrived in excellent condition - well packed for protection. I was particularly grateful for excellent customer service - receiving an email to check my original order, as they spotted I had ordered in cm not mm! I would thoroughly recommend the product and the company.

I have ordered from this company a couple of times. It's only been small orders of clear acrylic for photo frames. The service has been great, the quality of a high standard, carefully packaged. I'm very pleased with the results. Good value for money and easy to use website to get exact measurements. Recommend

Very good many thanks

this was used to cover dinning table. covered well. packaged well.

Good price, arrived quickly. Would not hesitate to order from this company again.

Used the acrylic sheet as a protector on top of new bedroom bedside cabinets and chest of draws. Looks good without the weight of glass alternative. No longer fears of coffee stains or makeup marks. The acrylic sheet was accurately cut to size by SimplyPlastics and quickly delivered and well wrapped/protected. I recommend SimplyPlastics.

Used to replace greenhouse glass...very pleased and will order again.

Used the product for fridge shelves for old caravan, as could not find any to fit , quality great excellent serice came within couple of days , would definitely recomend

I am using clear acrylic sheeting to protect the top surfaces of my wooden furniture. The sheeting was delivered exactly as ordered and on time. No cause for complaint at all.

I ordered 2 pieces of made to measure 3mm clear Perspex to use as windows in my daughter summer house. They were cut to the exact measurements I provided. I received them by courier after just a few days and they were very well packed. Would 100% recommend.

Used this product to replace a smashed garden table top. Great fast service. Product as described and fitted perfectly.

Garden table top. Great product does the job perfectly.

Good quality product, delivered quickly. Only gripe was that they can't cut smaller pieces to order - we had to saw the strip into chunks ourselves

Plastic cantilever, worked perfectly and custom hold locations accurate.

Used this product to replace the top of a wooden garden storage unit. I ordered a cut to size sheet. The sheet was delivered promptly and exactly to size. Quality was excellent and I was able to fit the sheet in the wooden frame with ease.

As always, Simply Plastics supply exactly what I order quickly and cheaply, perfect! I used my bits as a display stand for an antique firearm.

Found this company randomly on google so took a chance having never heard of them before. Good service, items took about a week to arrive which was great. Ordered 8 acrylic sheets cut to size which was also perfectly done. I have used them as windows in my sons wooden playhouse and they look fantastic. A lot sturdier than the previous windows which had all broken.

It arrived in perfect condition went straight in my greenhouse, job done, very happy ☺ Customer

Instead of glass (expensive) I ordered a replacement garden side table top in plastic. Great value, speedy delivery.

Product quality was good in excellent packing. Delivery as advised. We have used it to provide a flat attractive surface on a wicker garden table.

Used to protect a wall by the coat hooks and put a map underneath looks great. Easy to put up

Great replacement for broken picture glass. Fitted perfectly

picture frames

Replacing windows in an industrial building. First class. Size was accurate as per order. Protection sheets were useful. Would definitely buy from you again. Excellent service Thank you

Great quality and low price makes this product and this company an obvious choice. Especially for a small application like mine (DIY aquarium lamp) when the majority of other suppliers offers bulk quantities or they ask for additional charge for small orders. I can honestly recommend to everyone - no matter big or small customers .

Used to place on wine fridge spars to turn into a beer fridge so that bottles could stand up. Fits perfectly and looks great.

replacement for the lid of my garden cold frame

We bought 4 squares to sit on top of small units with bamboo lattice so things don't fall through. The perspex enhances the units. Also bought a piece to replace broken glass in a picture frame. Very happy with products and have ordered before from this company. Quick delivery and good prices

Excellent product and service

The product was to replace Perspex windows in a summer house. These windows had become completely discoloured by weathering. This product, now installed, has transformed the place. Our concern is that it will not discolour like the original product.

The acrylic took just under a week to arrive. We used it to make a display of DC power cable options for our new battery charger. It was good quality material and even though it was 300mm wide after we cut it down, we were able to fold it evenly to make a self-supporting display stand. It all worked out well and we will be using Simply Plastics again when the need arises.

Used for repairs to garage door. Pleased with product.

Used it to make doors for a cabinet, very good quality for a reasonable price. Postage was also quick and I was updated as to when it would arrive.

I bought an acrylic sheet which arrived promptly, in good order and was the exact size I asked for - perfect, thank you.

Used in making windows for granddaughters Wendy house. First class finish and recommended.

Used for display case was cut to perfect size and very well packed will definitely use again

Very good

Excellent, cut and drilled exactly as I asked. Used to go over some stained glass to stop the rain getting through.

An unusual request in my case; I needed something with excellent electrically insulative qualities and good rigidity. A letterbox shaped piece of 8mm acrylic serves the ideal purpose to make the supporting section for an amateur radio VHF/UHF antenna (aerial for old school individuals like myself). The material was as described and completely undamaged so fully meets my needs. I would recommend Simply Plastics for those with both normal and esoteric requirements!

I built tarantula acrylic cages

Perfect pieces for what we needed.

Making Templets


Purcased a 1800mm x 900mm 4mm thick clear acrylic sheet to be used as a dining table top protector. Delivery took about a week and the item was very well packaged. The thing that made me choose your company were the videos on the website which I found very useful. A great product and I would highly recommend your company to others. Many thanks.

used this product as a cooker splash back brilliant product

Excellent poroduct, they were for the local playgroups wendy house. Fitted like a glove. Well wrapped and good communication.

Slightly unconventional but I used the product to cover our bannister rails. The gap between the rails is too wide and our young children could fall through. It would be a shame to replace with a modern set so I decided to use the Perspex as a shield of sorts. It allows the light through and it’s still possible to see the rails. Perfect for piece of mind. Packaged very well and arrived promptly.

I used the product for the table numbers and place names for my wedding. The acrylic was exactly what I needed and of good quality.

yacht window

This item was used for glazing an external door as an alternative to glass. The product is excellent and was precisely cut to fit exactly in the glazing recess. Looks great and should last for years.

A very High Quality product, just what i needed.

I ordered a long piece of clear plastic to put behind my kitchen sink. Water constantly went behind the taps and kept getting the silicon mouldy. But with this plastic piece its amazing, no water gets behind and best part is that its clear plastic and no one can tell its even there. i have also bought 2 more pieces for my bathroom. Definately will recommend.

I would definitely recommend. It is good quality acrylic and it was much easier ordering the right size instead of trying to cut to size myself. I used it to replace the glass on a large wall clock. Fitted perfectly, thank you.

I bought this to replace broken glass in my son's photograph frame so he could take it to university without risking it getting broken again. Good quality, well packed and good delivery time

used to cover a cracked velux window.as a temporary fix Gave measurements and was cut to size perfectly, received very well packed

Ordered a clear rectangle as a window for a tortoise enclosure. My order arrived promptly and was exactly as required, I would certainly be happy to purchase from Simply Plastics again.

I used the plastic 6mm sheets for secondary glazing in the bedrooms, it has made it much warmer and quieter. It is excellent quality and the service from Simply plastics was top notch.

Replacement panel for greenhouse.Panel was cut to perfect size as ordered.Not my first order and definitely not my last. Excellent service.

I used this to cover a small display of gramophone needle tins. It came accurately cut to size and looks really good.

Plastic is great quality, perfect size ans reasonable price

Brilliant service great product my table top looks great

I used sheet to finish off a coffee table top. Did the job perfectly.

First class service. Requested dimensions spot on. The perspex is now mounted in a coin display case. Thank you.

A display stand Great service Highly recommended

This product was to replace the Perspex in my front door and its exactly what I wanted. The delivery was fast and packed well, fit perfectly and was the best price I could find online. Would definitely recommend!!

Perfect quality ,perfect cutting size will not be the last time you buy!! Thanks

Great quality product used to replace a thinner sheet over a skylight. Now don't get the sagging and subsequent water collection. Used live chat to get advice before ordering that was really useful. Only slight disappointment was the driver was not aware of the delivery request.

The plastic sheet arrived quickly was well packaged with no damage when unwrapped. The sheet was used to replace glass from a picture frame that had smashed, the sheet had been cut perfectly and fitted the frame as if it were new, delighted great product great price. Thanks

As expected quality product

Ordered two sheets to use as a display for some trading cards that I wanted mounted in a creative way. Delivery and above all the quality of these sheets were second to none. My cards look great on the wall and I'm able to view them from both sides perfectly. Thank you very much for providing an affordable and extremely versatile product to people outside of 'The Trade' and not just those inside it. Highly recommend!

Just needed a piece of clear acrylic to replace a broken glass top of a watch presentation case! This was hoped to be a secret extra present for my daughter's fiancé just before Christmas. Was so pleased when it was ready for collection in time. Also very pleased with the quality of the piece. Excellent work!

Excellent product at a competitive price,my order consisted of several sizes for my greenhouse roof,all cut spot on,prompt delivery,would recommend.

I ordered some plastic to go on my front door. We can't afford to have it replaced yet, so I have used it to act as double glazing. It was really quick and easy to order and delivery was quick and easy.

For use as Secondary Double Glazing. Accurately cut, well packed,excellent service.

Picture framing- well cut and presented

Using the sheets for secondary glazing with magnetic strips to keep it in place. About half the price of getting the kits themsleves, really nice quality, very pleased. Thank you :)

Product quality was spot on. Just what we wanted to protect some new oak furniture but which still allowed us to see the wood. Ordered two separate batches and asked for these to be linked and they were delivered on time and together. Would definitely recommend and will use again.

Excellent quality looks like glass easy to work with

Really pleased with the acrylic sheet purchased from Simply Plastics. Needed a very specific thickness and sizing to fit a 1930s museum-style cabinet in a school. The original glass was dangerous, so the replacement acrylic stopped the cabinet from going into storage. Website is very user-friendly, as you can get automatic quotes for different sizes. Would definitely recommend!

Secondary glazing. Arrived perfectly packed and the right size. Perfect product

The plastic I bought was to protect my wall in the kitchen from my pedal bin lid digging a hole in the wall. It does this perfectly.

Used the perspex pieces to build a terrapin basking area. Great customisation process and came well protected and on time. Thanks!

Good service, finished nicely, well packaged, polished edges were good, robust piece of clear plastic cut to exactly the right size which we used for two fridge shelves for our motor caravan

I used this top off some upcycled bedroom cabinets I'd painted to protect them from scratches etc. Being able to give precise measurements was brilliant, allowing me to just open the pack, strip off the plastic coating and lay them.

I used this product on top of a newly painted dressing table. It has done the job brilliantly and at a fraction of the cost of glass,looks just as good too.

Product is used as a screen protector on a small portable television in a caravan. Size and specification was accurate as requested and delivery was on time. Highly recommended supplier.

Used for windscreens in toy trucks.Good quality, dimensionally accurate. Thanks!

Excellent service throughout

The four Perspsx rectangles are for blanking air vents in the outside walls of an office during times of strong wind - they do the job very well. There are other vents so we do get a changevof air in the room!

I am a f.D. art & Design student . I am using it for a layered up instilation each 1 and a different drawn design on it the clarity of perspex is very gd for this process & I am very happy with the quality thanx

To cover and protect important notice board, Good product

The perspex that I purchased was used to put in a window it was very good quality I would recommend your products

Workshop window. Needed a safer alternative to glass. Fitted well. Measurements were spot on.

used this product for a sliding window for my daughters garden den. Perfect weight and plenty strong. Product arrived promptly and well packaged. Good job

Very hard to peel of white covering but good product. I bought predrilled, round edged clear perspex for office refurbishment for use in bathroom & kitchen areas.

I bought small 400x400mm sheet to cover fish tank. excellent product and service. highly recommended will use again.

Great product will order more very quick delivery.

This sheet was for map templates, was laser cut and engraved, cut and engraved well. Yes I would recommend.

It's the second time I have ordered from Simply Plastics and just like the first time, I'm pleased with the product, it's quality, quick delivery and how easy it was to get something I was after.

Bought this product for a boat. Would recommend. Thank you ☺

Quick and easy ordering online, quick delivery well packaged/protected, above all the accuracy of the requested sized cuts are "dead on" accurate and very clean and square.

Ordered to replace the windows in my daughters play house - Easy ordering - delivered within the week - look perfect - looks like glass - great quality.

I have ordered these plastic sheets for adding an extra shelf in the two bathroom cabinets. They were cut precisely to my requirements and flawless. The price was the cheapest I could find from internet, yet the quality of the products was excellent. I highly recommend this company.

Good quality product, arrived promptly and well packaged. About to order from Simply Plastics again.

Used for framing a picture print, very high quality clear acrylic sheet, highly recommend.

I used this product to mount my IAM Masters badge on the girl of my car. The finish I had specified was spot on and it did the trick perfectly!

Ordered as secondary glazing for a front door with stained glass panels. Improved door security - but also made the door more rigid, so glass less likely to crack. Spot on!

Great quality - I apply calligraphy to my acrylic sheets for weddings!

Needed 4 pieces cut to size for an aquarium top, having these 3mm thick pieces cut to size and posted were cheaper than buying a thinner sheet from B&Q and cutting it myself. The product is perfect the service second to none.

Small pieces of clear acrylic to replace a broken window on a squirrel feeder

I purchased this product as a surface protectior for my new dresser and bedside cabinets, I cannot fault the product nor the people at all. The product is everything I expected and more with an extremely good price tag. I would recommend anytime Product is at least 1/4 price of glass


Perfect for Windows in our garden playhouse. Delivery of the product was super.

Used product as window glass in a fiberglass rear hardtop for my Austin Gypsy. Just the job!

Great quality product. Perfect for the children's playhouse. Crystal clear!! Great company that didn't charge a fee for a small order. Paid for exactly what I ordered. Prompt delivery too. Would certainly recommend.

Kitchen sink splashback.Very good quality and well finished,quick delivery agood product and would recommend this company.

The sheets of Acrylic arrived in good time. I used the sheets to make up a three tier stand for my new Z83 11 computer and external DVD player also hard disk. I glued the sheets using super glue which worked well. and is now positioned under my computer desk.

Used as replacement for glass topped patio table. Excellent job. Highly recommended

I used this product to reglaze my greenhouse roof and found it to be an excellent replacement. Everything about this company is excellent and I would certainlyrecommend them and use them again.

It was used to build tarantula vivariums I just sent measurements then drilled air holes and glue cemented them together very pleased with product

Awesome glass for window. Fab price will definitely buy more products in the future

Used for picture, good quality, ideal for my purpose.

I used this product for a fish tank divider outstanding quality

We used the perspex to provide a protection to an opening behind a door that our baby could potentially have fallen through. The on line ordering is very simple and the Perspex arrived on time and the right size with all the holes drilled as requested. Safely installed it's doing exactly what we wanted.

My second order from SP. A second 5 star product.. Cheers all.

Replaced a cracked shed window - perfec! Quick delivery and highly recommended.

We used the product as glazing for outdoor "notice boards". An excellent product delivered very securely wrapped. Perfect for our purpose.

I used the cast acrylic panel for a very large picture frame. The easy of ordering, quality of packaging, product itself and delivery were all excellent. Have purchased from Simply Plastics before and will continue to buy from them.

Two sheets used for shed replacement window, much safer than glass.

I was very please with the quick delivery and the quality of the material, size was exactly as asked for. Would buy again from this supplier.

I bought the sheet to replace 3mm aquarium glass removable inspection and feed panels at the top of the tank. As the tank was built into the wall with a 10mm gap above it was easy to drop the glass cover panels into the water when readying to feed and a previous owner had chipped the glass as a result. The Pmma panel arrived quickly, exactly to size and was clearer than the glass, as promised. This allowed transmission of the maximum light for healthy plant growth. It was fairly easy to cut into the required strips. Bigger cuts were done using the glass score and snap technique. Thinner strips were cut using a jigsaw. See YouTube for videos. An unexpected benefit has been less condensation as the plastic is a better insulator than the glass it replaced.

Clear plastic plinths for supporting hi-fi speakers worked perfectly, protecting the floor without impacting sound quality.

I got the plastic to make a cupboard front and it was lovely

I made these sheets into a designer shoe rack for my wife's shoes. They were cut perfectly by you to the right size and i then glued strips of acryllic to them to hold the shoe heel. and mounted then at an angle in an alcove to display over 40 pairs of shoes.

We used this as a splash back behind our new bathroom sink and it looks amazing. Its crystal clear and doesn't spoil the look of the vibrant feature wall colour we used.Getting it made to our exact size and holes pre-drilled made our life so much easier. I would definitely recommend them. Excellent service.

I used a sheet of Perspex in my fish tank as a divider very good quality fair price would defiantly use again

Excellent product. It was very easy to order and the delivery was exactly on time.

Used as replacement for greenhouse glsss, perfect fit and delivered without issue in really good packaging

Wanted some A4 panels to use in my die cutting machine. They arrived very prompt, and I am really pleased with the quality. They was also a really good price. I would recommend this company, and will use again.

i am using this as a worktop protector. It arrived in about 6 working days. Ive added a few plastic feet so that is is raised from the worktop and its absolutely perfect. Really happy with item and service.

Enclosing the well of a single glazed skylight. As a protection of tiny objects displayed in an old letter tray. Excellent quality,very reasonable price and well packed.

used to top built in shelves in bathroom, received very accurate cut tops, (to the mm). Excellent product and fast deliver , will use again .

This was just what I needed to frame a piece of leather art which could not be framed behind glass - the service was amazing I made a mistake with the measurements and they called me to check it was correct- brilliant service as I would have bought the wrong size - I would recommend Simply Plastics and will certainly use them again 😀 Thank you

This is the third time this year I have used Simply Plastics for custom sized and finished Acrylic Sheets. As always I received a fantastic service , prompt delivery , and the acrylic sheets were exactly as ordered and extremely well finished Thanks agin to everyone at Simply Plastics !! Gary

Used the acrylic to replace a boat hatch. Acrylic supplied was first class and delivery good

I would highly recommend Simply Plastics. Great communication, ease of ordering and great delivery service. My acrylic was used for hifi purposes to sit a record player on for stability and to deaden vibration. It arrived well packaged and exactly as I had ordered. Great quality item.

We inset the sheets into wooden side tables instead of glass so it is less dangerous for small children. Considering we did it online the panels fitted pretty well, except for one. Hope we can shave it. Good product, arrived very quickly

Good product as described, nice company to deal with.

I was looking for a strong , and attractive product to use for creating a "floating stand" for my HiFi Speakers. I had an idea that a Clear Acrylic would not only look good, be unobtrusive, but also combine high strength as well. I was absolutely correct in my choice, and having come across Simply Plastics I was very easily able to obtain Custom Manufactured pieces , professionally edged and polished , which not only looked superb but did everthing that I had hoped they would do . Ordering was so very easy online, and delivery was extremely fast, especially considering I had opted for radiused corners and polished cut edges. I cannot recommend Simply Plastics enough and have already used them again.

to renew shelf in bathroom very expensive shelf looks like new cannot tell difference from glass

Used this for shed windows. very happy, thanks very much.

Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet was used for a wall protector to stop shoe scuffing. Excellent product and does the job.

The plastic sheet was used to make a chassis for a four wheel robot controlled by a Raspberry Pi. I find this acrylic sheet easy to work and it makes a professional looking job. The service from Simply Plastics was good and efficient. I will certainly use them again.

Product was as expected and well done. Delivery was great and well packaged.

Product excellent, used for framing large poster print instead of glass. Highly recommended!

Used sheet in a picture frame instead of glass. It was cut to size by Simply Plastics exactly and fitted perfectly. Not much else to say other than very pleased with final result.

Bought this product to make a template for wife's mass cutting out for her quilting hobby, worked great - so she is happy. I Didn't want to spend £30 for a large sheet and throw the rest so this company was ideal

Good quality

I used these as weir walls in my aquarium sump that I built and they work great and we're cut to my exact specifications at a great price. I will be using simply plastics again and recommend others to try them too


I cannot recommend the company highly enough. I only ordered 1 small piece of acrylic, the website was easy to use. I received regular updates to tell me at what stage we were at with my order. It arrived as expected and well wrapped. I will be using again for further pieces as and when required.

Used to replace the glass in ornamental clocks that will be in areas where a normal glass would not be safe. The product is easy to work, meets the safety requirements and has acceptable optical properties. Good service and good price.

A chamber inside an ant tank.

Really good quality ideal to cover table top to protect it. Great service and quick delivery Thanks

replacement for Greenhouse 1 sheet excellent for repair plus piece 2 for bathroom cabinet worktop excellent purchase.

The product was used to secondary glaze a skylight in the shower room and i cannot fault Simply plastics at all. This is the second time i have dealt with them.

Replacement picture glass. Excellent quality, service and price...

Replacement for broken glass in greenhouse.I would recommend this company.Extremely painless. ordering and quick delivery.

acrylic panel used instead of glass. service was excellent and would recommend

Ordered two clear 3mm sheets to use in very cold rooms to use as internal glazing. Ideal for this purpose; not too heavy and cut perfectly to ordered dimensions. Would certainly use this company again for these products. Great quick delivery and very well packaged. Thank you 😊

I used this product as a bridge in order to fasten a shower door extender/closer to a glass side panel. It worked very well. The service was easy to use and the delivery was prompt. I would use them again and I would recommend them to anyone needing their particular products.

Had previously ordered acrylic windows for my grand childrens' playhouse which I was pleased so decided to use Simply Plastics again to order 2 x 5mm Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets to use as standoff photo frame for my wall. Again, the quality and service was excellent and the product was exactly what I wanted. Would definitely recommend.

I finally have a new top for my japanese hibachi coffee table showing small artifacts and rocks beneath.Cast acrylic beautifully and exactly cut to size, well wrapped and packaged too.Delivery company failed to deliver when promised causing several days delay but apologised by email and assured me that this was not the norm.These things happen...especially a week before Christmas!!! Will certainly use this company in future.Good price,good product! Thanks!

I bought this acrylic sheet for secondary glazing. The 4mm thickness was perfect and the quality was excellent.

Used as temporary secondary glazing. Works pretty well, although the wooden window frames are not quite regular - it would be useful to be able to order panels that are slightly asymmetrical.

We used this to protect the bottom of the newly painted door as we have 4 small dogs who have scratched the hell out of my solid wooden doors! This is just brilliant as you can still see the colour of the door and no scratches yeah!!!!!! Highly recommend

The Acrylic sheet was used to double glaze a skylight window. and the hole service was very good

It was used to make table decorations for a prestigious dinner event in Central London. I ordered it cut and polished; it arrived exactly to specification and did the job extremely well.

Replacement greenhouse glass very easy and safe to use

I used the product to cover a small side table and it works very well. Delivery was quick and the item arrived well packed and undamaged. This is the second time I have placed an order with Simply Plastics and would not hesitate to order again if I need anything.

Needed a small piece of Acrylic for a project and this was ideal. The quality was excellent, accurately cut to size and delivered in perfect condition. Would definitely recommend

Coffee table glass replacement. Good fit, as ordered.

Used to block over a hole but still allow light, came quickly and exact to measurements given for a reasonable price

Used for shed window. Quality good and cut to size. Would use again.

Ordered two pieces of Perspex for the shed Windows, excellent service from start to finish, great price, great delivery. Definitely worth ordering from.

great product, great quality, would certainly use again

Product used as platform for turntable. Well finished and as order specification. Good value. Swift delivery.

Excellent customer service, used in a frame to protect birds in an outdoor aviary. Would recommend this company.

Used a fairly large piece of 3mm with velcro tape to put over an old sash window that was cold and drafty - worked perfectly and the plastiv was perfect!

Really good quality product and service. Used the plastic to cover my TV stand to keep baby from.touching dvd player!

I used the 4mm thickness clear cast acrylic sheet to cover a dresser. A lot cheaper than glass and much more practical with children around. Really pleased with the look and worth the extra for the polished edge.

Used to create a clear front for a box. Arrived quickly and exactly as ordered.

Very good quality acrylic sheet used to cover wooden window frame from shower splashing.Prompt delivery, well packaged, very pleased.

Excellent product. Exactly what I wanted. Fast delivery. Every time.

Perfect replacement glazing for garden shed.

We used this to replace two windows in a playhouse. The acrylic was strong and crystal clear and perfect for the window. Measurements were accurate.

I purchased a acrylic sheet for my sideboard top. It looks perfect and adds a glass effect to sideboard. I am pleased with the product and the packaging. I will be buying more from simply plastics in future. Thanks

Excellent service. My order was cut to the millimetre and was well packed. Fully recommended. I will use them again.

The quality of these sheets are excellent and well packaged. They have been wonderful for repairing some very old window glass. I ordered these and had them delivered to Sweden and cannot fault their service or delivery times. I need some more and will be ordering them today.

Brilliant product for patchwork templates. Light, robust with smooth edges and clear to see fabric designs being cut. Excellent service from Simply Plastics. Will certainly use again when the need arises.

exceeded my expectations in every way. used for displaying text. worked perfectly, shipped quickly, and the quality was perfect.

It is exactly as it describes, and gives an expensive desired affect. Speedy postage and very helpful staff. I would recommend to others.

I used this product to replace a window in my garage. The product was accurately cut ,strong and arrived in good condition. My only criticism was the cost of postage and packing.

I used a 2mm thick sheet cut to size as a replacement for my side panel (full size window). The acrylic is very high quality and the polished edges are very well done. I drilled a hole in each corner myself and it only cracked a tiny bit on one of the holes due to my aggressive handling. The end result is pleasing and effective with the acrylic being very clear.

used to replace a aquarium light shield 1st class great service and a great price

Small splashback above washbasin. The clear acrylic provides the necessary protection and looks really neat , just the look I was trying to achieve . The product came very well packaged. I had to ask the joiner working on our renovation to help me with completing the order, as I wasn't sure what some of the questions meant. Because of his professional input to the ordering, the end result was perfect.

I used 4 cast acrylic sheets to replace the yellowed plastic glazing in a summerhouse. The sheets came cut to size, delivery was quick, quality and price excellent. I had priced up other plastic glazing but it didn't come cut to size and wasn't big enough for two panels. I found Simply Plastics by accident, definitely will use them again if I need anything like this again. Thanks!

The acrylic was used to protect an area close to a front door which had been damaged by the owner's dog scratching at it. It was very well cut, drilled and polished as well as accurate in sizes requested. I definately would use this company again. Thank you.

I bought this sheet to replace a glass garden table top which had smashed due to heat. Excellent replacement and now safe.

Glazing a rebuilt garden shed. It was perfect for the job.

Great fast service, product was excellent and kids Wendy house looks great with new acrylic Windows.

I needed two tools to retain the wet liners of a car engine I was working on. Acrylic was ideal because of the need to avoid scratching the gasket mating surface. The items were accurately made, exactly to my specification and were supplied promptly. This is an excellent, cost effective service which I expect to use again in the future.

used in a picture frame. Works well

Used for a window in a fund raising box. Quality seems ok, time will tell ! Service was good and if more is needed in future, will definately use this company.

I used the clear cast acrylic to finish my project of designing and building my own canopy for my mobility scooter. Before finding this awesome company I had already lost a lot of money buying inferior materials from other companies only to feel let down and deceived by their description and the inferior materials which ended up in the bin. I can't possibly praise simply plastics.com enough for their awesome website, accuracy of cutting my cast acrylic even down to polishing the edges! Simply plastics.com even phoned me to inform me my delivery had arrived because I was not at home at the time. My delivery was left in a safe place I requested. I arrived home a short time later and after examining the material which was very safely and securely wrapped up, I got right on to the phone to simply plastics.com to thank them and praise them for a great service and the best quality crystal clear cast acrylic which is absolutely awesome and made my dream come true which was to design and build my own canopy. I would be happy to supply photographs to simply plastics.com and any one who would be interested to maybe give someone an incentive to design and build a similar project or whatever else they have in mind. If you have found simply plastics.com let me assure you that you have found the right company with the right materials and excellent service from beginning to end! Thank you simply plastics.com! Yours Sincerely, Paul

Garden coffee table top

This was just what I wanted to replace the broken inlaid glass on my coffee table. It was cut to the exact size requested and arrived in a couple of days and was very well packaged. It was also protected by peel-off film on both sides. The cost was very reasonable too. I would have no hesitation in using this company again. Excellent!

Bookcase, cheaper, lots, lots cheaper than glass and easy to install

We needed a piece of plastic to protect the wall at the edge of the dishwasher and this did the job perfectly. Great product and quickly dispatched. Would use this company again.

Used as a base for the bottom of a handbag! Excellent quality and fast postage. Would definately recommend.

exactly as described used this as a side panel for a custom pc looks awesome thanks

Excellent product and service.

The order was delivered very quickly and was exactly as per my request. Excellent service.

I used this in place of glass for creating covers on raised vegetable beds. This company is great to deal with easy ordering via website and quick turnaround of orders.

I used the product as protective top to a desk, it works great, however I must have mis-measured it as it's 10cm too short and 1 cm too long. I'm cursing my stupidity for not double checking!

Perfect, very happy with Perspex for computer

I ordered a sheet of Perspex when I needed to replace an outhouse window. The frame was a non-standard size and it was great to have the sheet cut to exactly the size I needed. As with previous orders, the sheet was cut perfectly, in great condition and very well packaged.

I bought this to use as window panes. Good product and good service. I will return to buy more in the future

Bought the plastic sheets for windows in a playhouse that was built for my grandson. They fitted exact and look great. Delivery time was better than expected and would recommend this company to anyone

I ordered three sheets of clear acrylic for windows in a Japanese style teahouse that I have built in my garden. Unfortunately I had to cut one slightly shorter than I had ordered, my fault as I had to alter the door. But I had no problems in doing that. They do look like clear glass, and I am well satisfied with the product and the service that was offered by the company. I will and have given their name to others who were interested.

I used the acrylic to display a model. It is a good quality product and I would recommend it

We used this product for our pre school, it has been attached to the fence so that the children can attached paper to it and paint outside, the product is brilliant, with the extra side holes along the long side it doesn't matter which was up we have the panels they are secure to the fence. Being able to round the corners and polish the sides was great too so there are no sharp edges for the children to catch.

Excellent as a replacement for glass in a picture frame.

Sheets were used as part of protector for PCBs. Fast delivery. Dimensions exactly as ordered. Highly recommended supplier.

The sheet is in use as a shower cubicle ventilating window. Acrylic sheet is preferred to glass for several reasons. It is less likely to attract condensation being less cold to the touch (lower thermal conductivity). It is lighter, thus safer for an elevated frame-less design. It is also not likely to shatter if it should fall. Being softer, it is easier to obtain a tight grip within the pivots. It is also very clear, scarcely visible when shut. It fits well, so was accurately cut to the measurements given. In short, it does the job.

Used sheet as splashback. Nicely cut and polished, looks good.

Small piece of clear perspex cut to size, very easy to order, quick delivery, product exactly what I needed. Only reason I dropped a star was because of the delivery cost for such a small item.

Perfect and really rapid delivery

Bought a small sheet of plastic to use as the window to the oven door in my toddler's play kitchen. Sheet fitted perfectly, although it did have a crack in it at one edge when I opened it. Fortunately it didn't matter as it can't be seen so didn't feel an exchange was necessary. Excusing the small crack, was very impressed at the clear website, the communication regarding delivery of my order and the speed of the delivery. Would use again.

Great product, very fast delivery and reasonable pricing. Next time I need to buy acrylic sheets, I'll definitely order again from Simply Plastics.

Required to make limit access to an area for an interim period and make safe from child's access whilst maintaining see through capability. Product met requirements perfectly and was delivered quickly and at good value.

Delivered promptly, exactly to specification and is of good quality. Made to fit a light box on a desktop arcade cabinet. I didn't go for polished edge and now wish I did as the edges are quote rough - absolutely my error there!

Used for kids playhouse , Good quality product, reasonably quick delivery.

I ordered the sheet of acrylic to mod my pc's side panel door.It was cut and sent out within a day or two and arrived in perfect condition.I looked at a competitors web site and got a quote for what i required and Simply Plastics was around 30% cheaper and better postage rates.Thanks for the great service!

Excellent service and product, will use again. After a senior moment installing the sheets and not realising I'd got 2 stuck together with the protective film still in place on the inner sheets, Andrew at Simply Plastics made the penny drop for me. Great service and thanks again

This is a brilliant quality plastic. It was dispatched very quickly and to our exact specifications. We used it to make a clear front indoor guinea pig enclosure and it's worked perfect. Thank you for a very good experience and a great quality product.

Lost my glass table top for my outdoor table after strong winds. Order perspex cut to size. Good quality. Provides the same look and does the same job that glass would do.

Hi, We are a premium quality canvas & photographic studio.I purchased the acrylic sheets to face mount photographic prints. We will then add a sub-fame to the back of the acrylic to make " floating frames" The 4 stars are because we have not actually had time to use the product yet. Inspecting the acrylic, It looks to be good and more importantly the edges are polished correctly. Delivery was reasonably quick as well, so all good. We cannot comment at the moment on the optical quality, but will review this once we have created some artwork. Kind regards Joe

to replace perspex that was broken on an indoor window. the product is so easy to wipe clean.it was a perfect fit and looks well as a backing to open shelving .

Perspex sheet used to make side screens for kit car.Great product, great service. Highly recommended.

Cooker splashback

Replacement yacht Windows. Excellent quality despatched promptly.

I used the product to cover children's art work placed on the walls to protect it. Excellent product speedy order and delivery.

We used our product for behind sink and cooker after decorating. It come as we wanted also came on time great service would recommend yourselves.

Perfect for what I needed it for.great item, great price and great delivery. Will defo be back.

I ordered a specific sized piece of acrylic to use as a condensation tray for my aquarium. The piece fit perfectly and does a brilliant job.

Product was used as table top protection for a good wooden table. Quality of product was good and ideal for the purpose, Finish and packaging was good.

Used for double sided image framing within a wooden cabinet. Cut perfectly to requested measurements, very well packaged and arrived in pristine condition. It's such good quality, you would honestly think it was glass. Will definitely use again and highly recommend this company.

Bought this to replace a greenhouse pane as we were too nervous to work with glass. Good service,quick delivery and very easy to fit. Certainly would use again or recommend to others

I used this acrylic sheet to replace a greenhouse window. The product was excellent quality and I would recommend it.

Used materials to finish my sons playhouse, phoned up and spoke to very helpful man, ordered easily on line and stuff was delivered very quickly Would highly recommend

Replaced toughened glass in greenhouse following severe storm damage

I used this product to make a display case for a model ship , the quality is good ,I must say it has worked very well , also the service was quick and site easy to use thank you

I used the sheets to replace 2 panes of glass that i unfortunately cracked and looked unsightly . Also i thought it would be stronger and much less likely to crack it is in now and looks great , the sizes were cut exactly to the sizes i required, Thanks for a very good purchase.

Live in an old house with low single glazed sash windows, am about to get my 2 year old daughter her first bed but was aware of the danger as we have single glazed windows. The clear plastic is perfect to add to the inner window frame and I feel safer knowing she cant break the window/plastic and hurt herself, Website was easy to use delivery was very fast and got texts from courier, would definately use again for future projects.

Ordered replacement windows for broken ones in shed. Cut perfectly to size delivered in just 2 days and looks fantastic . Happy to recommend .

We are using the acrylic sheet as a top for our desk at an upcoming show. Sheet arrived quickly and is perfectly cut to size.

The acrylic sheets were purchased to make a stamping aid for paper craft and they were perfect for the job. They were well made, the exact size as ordered and crystal clear I would definitely recommend the product.

Delivered in good time and perfect condition. Primary use was to make a transparent dial for a clock I made. Works well and very clear.

Ordered online and was ready to collect a couple of hours later. We used the piece of acrylic for a hamster cage - we needed to cut a section out which was easy to do with a saw.

Used for Photographic supports. Very good and speedy deliver and good value.

replacing greenhouse glass. ideal product @3mm, good price.

Excellent quality product

PERFECT, would recommend this company to anyone

The product was used to produce display materials Good quality and good service

Used the sheets as window replacements for my garage. Worked very well and I am delighted with the result.

Used as cover sheet for an aquarium. Is doing a good job of stopping the fish leaping out! Well packaged, sound product posted quickly.

Used for front of hi fi cabinet ,excellent service will use you again, cut to exact size ,many thanks . N.P

Bought the product to replace broken windows in a garden shed. Delivery was very quick less than advertised time,extremely well packed. Product was cut to size for me To within a tolerance of less than half a mom Could not fault the quality, perfectly clear, fixed the shed a treat Couldn't recommend this company and its products enough Andrew Hough

Excellent value item and cheaper postage than other online suppliers. Used to replace broken fridge shelves that are no longer available. Needed cutting to fit the air column st the back of the fridge but this was easily done with a jigsaw. In hindsight I should have bought polished edge for the front and possibly curved corners. They look all the same.

Excellent service and very quick delivery Bought it to cover a gloss white kitchen table . Perfect for the job.

Used as a table top protector for my wife's dressing table, absolutely perfect. Much better than glass. Would highly recommend this product.


Perfect material for our project. Thanks for the advice and fast turnaround. Miriam.

Perspex was cut and polished as requested. Thanks!